3 out of 4 employees say employer debt repayment would be a deciding factor in their employment decision.*


Because the majority of young employees graduate with student debt -- $35,000 of it on average in 2016.

*“The Impact of Student Debt on the Daily Lives of Young Americans, Published by American Student Assistance”

Debt causes stress. Employer payments alleviate it.
PayEd™ facilitates that.

How PayEd™ Works

For Employers


Invite your employees to participate in the benefit


We verify the employees' account information


We help you customize a PayEd™ plan that fits your HR goals


Funds are securely collected and distributed to your employees’ student loans

For Employees


Respond to your employer's invitation and create an account with us


Have your loans verified to ensure payment goes where it should


Receive your employer's student loan payment directly in your account

Outstanding Loan Balance

The average graduate has a $350 monthly loan payment for ten years. Here is how an employer contribution will impact student loan repayment.

PayEd™ is secure, fully customizable, and can be set up in minutes. Attract, Retain and Engage your most important assets through our powerful benefits platform.

Invest in your most valuable asset: your employees.